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CB5 8LD 
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A 3.3m x 1.3m Pent Shed and Base

Shed Windows over Fence

After the customer took down their old shed down they realised there was not much of a base to put the new shed on . When I met with the customer on site we had a brief discussion and came up with this design. The door is to the right side which allows for easier access away from the hedge and bushes and we also put a window beside the door to allow more light in to the shed (it would have been very dark in the shed, as it was in an area of trees, bushes and in a darker area than your usual garden). We also put a row of shallow windows high up in the right side panel, this allowed for light to be gained over the boundary fence whilst still being very secure.

The customer up-graded the framework to ex 75mmx 50mm, specified security bolts and a 5 lever locks with key and handle fitted. They also chose to have a gutter and down pipe fitted to help control the water run-off. The security of this shed was important as it is at the front of the property.

During our site visit it was agreed that we would undertake the work of providing a slab base over the area for the shed. We dug out the area, laid and compacted the hard core with a wacker plate and then laid the paving slabs on a sand and cement screed, ready to put the new shed on. This work was carried out in less than one day so the customer was not inconvenienced in any way.



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